Deluxe Camping Package

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This deluxe camping package for includes the essential gear for your outdoor adventure!

  • 2 or 4 Person Tent
  • 1 Sleeping Bag per adventurer
  • 1 Sleeping Pad per adventurer
  • 1 Two-Burner Stove per group of 4 
  • 24-pc. Kitchen Cook Set per group of 4 
  • 1 Pots-and-Pans Set per group of 4 
  • 1 Table Set (Plate/Bowl/Cup) per adventurer
  • 1 Camp Chair per adventurer
  • 1 Lantern per group of 4 

Select the number of adventurers from the options and we will build your package to suit you!

**Make a note if you would like 2 or 4 person tent or different size sleeping bags/pads. Otherwise the package will ship in a standard configuration for the number of adventurers chosen. The picture shown is for a group of 2.**