What is Gear Up?

  • Gear Up is an outdoor adventure gear rental service that brings the equipment straight to your door or campsite; making the outdoors much more accessible and sustainable! Renting gear can save you thousands compared to purchasing, and, you don’t have to worry about storing that gear you may only use a couple times a year.

How does Gear Up work?

  • It’s pretty simple actually! Check it out: You pick what you’d like to rent, choose the dates you’d like to rent it, we ship it or drop it off at your desired location, and when you return from your adventure we’ll pick it up or you can return it with the included shipping label! The rentals will be arrive at least the day before the start of your rental and will be picked up or shipped back to us the day after your last rental day.

  • For example: A family of four is going camping for the weekend outside Asheville, NC. They would rent the package from Friday-Sunday (3-Day Rental). The rental will arrive on Thursday. After they come back on Sunday, we will pick up (if local) or they will return the rental Monday.

  • If choosing local pickup/delivery: Once we get your order, we will notify you of our drop off and pickup time. Any special instructions you have for us or we have for you can be worked out during this time. We will send a reminder for pickups the day before your rental is scheduled to be picked up.

Where does Gear Up ship to?

  • We currently ship to anywhere within the Lower 48 of the U.S.
  • If you live outside this area, please reach out to us anyway! We will try to work something else out for you!
  • We will ship to your house, local UPS Store (which will hold it for you), hotel, place of work, #vanlife van, AirBnB, etc... You just have to make sure to let the destination know to expect a package and hold it for you.
  • Your rental gear will arrive at least one day before your selected adventure start date.

What type of rental equipment does Gear Up offer?

  • Gear Up provides top-notch equipment from brands we trust whole-heartedly. 

  • Currently, Gear Up provides camping, backpacking, and day hiking gear. In the near future, we plan to offer paddling equipment (kayaks, SUPs, and accessories), mountain bikes (with appropriate gear), and climbing accessories!

What is not included in my rental package?

  • Our packages do not contain fuel for stoves, food, or clothing items. But that is pretty much it! When you open one of our packages, you will have the peace of mind knowing everything you need to enjoy a great time outdoors is right there in that package. 

How often is Gear Up’s rental equipment cleaned?

  • We inspect, clean, and repair every piece of gear, by hand, ourselves to make sure your adventure is an incredible experience. We do this, every time, as soon as we receive the gear from our customers.

Does Gear Up have a rental agreement?

When should I rent my gear?

  • Your gear will arrive the day before your planned rental period begins. This is so our delivery window doesn't interfere with your travel plans.

  • For example: if you plan for a Friday and Saturday night camping trip and plan to return on Sunday, that would be a 3-Day rental. Your gear will arrive on Thursday.

  • If choosing local pickup/delivery: We will send you an email no less than 24 hours in advance letting you know the timeframe of your delivery.

How do I return my rental gear?

  • The rental package will be returned or picked up (if local) the day after your rental period ends. 

  • For example: If you return on a Sunday, we will pick up (if local) or you will ship your rental on Monday.

  • If choosing local pickup/delivery: We will send you an email no less than 24 hours in advance reminding you of the window of your pickup.

What are the payment options I can choose from?

  • We take all major credit cards at the time of your order online. When we are at events we can take credit cards and we can accept cash.

Can I get a refund if I return my equipment early?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot give you a refund if you return your gear early. You will still be charged the full price of the rental period.

If I return my rental late is there a late fee?

  • Unless there is a prior arrangement, if gear isn’t postmarked/returned within 24 hours after the last rental date,  your card will be charged a late fee of a one-day rental will be applied per day until rental is returned. On top of these late fees, if gear is not returned within 10 days, your card will be charged the full retail price at our time of purchase plus shipping + tax charges.

Can I extend my rental period?

  • If you would like to extend your rental period, please contact us immediately at info@gearupforadventures.com.

  • We cannot guarantee that you can extend your rental. Chances are the gear you’re using has already been booked by other customers. Once the gear is returned at the end of your rental period, it is cleaned, repackaged, and off for another adventure with different customers!

What is the cancellation policy?

  • We understand that sometimes your plans change. If you need to cancel your reservation, contact us by emailing info@gearupforadventures.com at least 14 days prior to your scheduled delivery date. No refunds are available for cancellations given less than 5 days. No refunds or cancellations are available after your order has gone out for delivery. 

  • Note that your delivery date is the day before your first rental day. No refunds are given for ending your rental early.

What happens if I break or lose a piece of gear?

  • Look, we understand stuff happens; especially when the outdoors is involved. You will not be charged for damages that occur during normal usage and wear. We will determine what that normal usage or wear is. You may or may not be charged the cost of repair. 

  • You will also be charged the full retail price of any piece of gear that is not returned or damaged beyond repair.

  • If you notice any damage when you receive the rental, notify us immediately so we may document it and you will not be charged. If it returns damaged without prior notification, you may be charged fees. 

What happens to the rental gear once it's past its prime?

  • Once the gear does not meet our high standards, it will be either donated or sold. By doing this, we are extending the life of the gear and providing someone else the affordable opportunity to get outside with great gear and keeping that equipment out of landfills. 

Can I book gear for more than 14 days?

  • You sure can! We limit the amount of time gear can be rented on our site, but you can always contact us if you would like to rent your equipment longer than 14 days. 

  • You can contact us at anytime through email at: info@gearupforadventures.com

How can I return a retail item?

  • If you feel you need to return a retail item for any reason, please reach out us ASAP!
  • As long as it follows our Return Policy, we will gladly accept your return. 
  • You can expect a refund within 7-10 business days. Sometimes your bank may take a while longer to process the refund.

How do I get in touch with Gear Up?