Pedal + Paddle: A New River Gorge Campout

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When: October 1-3

Where: New River Gorge, West Virginia 

Who is this adventure for: Anyone wanting to explore the New River Gorge area through mountain biking, Stand Up Paddling, and hiking. Families are welcome!

What does it include: Price includes all excursions with instruction (mountain biking, hiking, and stand up paddling), campsite, and all camping gear needed


We all need some adventure in our life, right? Especially after the crazy couple years we've all experienced. But no need to fly around the world! There are some great adventure spots that are easy to drive to and that's exactly what we're going to do.

Meet us at a perfect hub for any adventure, Arrowhead Bike Farm. Arrowhead Bike Farm has all the essentials; camping, beer, food, and bikes! They are located right near trails to bike or hike making it the ideal spot for this campout. They'll also be hosting a 1/2 day mountain bike excursion for us. They'll lead us all through some instruction and then take us out to shred the mountains! This excursion includes bikes, helmets, and their professional instruction.

Once you get there, all your gear will be completely set up by us! No need to stress about grabbing all the camping gear, we've got you covered. This includes a tent, sleeping bag, inflatable sleeping pad, camp chairs, camp tables, all cookware needed, and camp lights (headlamps, lanterns, and tent/camp lights). 

We encourage families to sign up for this adventure, too! We'll have some kid friendly activities planned throughout this campout for full, family fun. If you follow us, the Gear Up Family, you know we're always encouraging families to adventure together. We have kid specific gear to help your littles feel comfortable while camping, too!

Example Itinerary


  • Check-in and settle in to your tent site
  • Meet & Greet with Gear Up Family
  • Sign up for Stand Up Paddle Excursion times 


  • Morning 1/2 Day Mountain Bike Excursion 
  • SUP Excursions 
  • Personal Sightseeing of New River Gorge
  • Outdoor Skill Building Sessions (such as Outdoor Photography, Fire Building Tips and Tricks, etc.)


  • Morning Hike & Coffee
  • Last SUP Excursion 
  • Pack Up Camp 
  • Group Photo and "We'll See You Later!"

We're so excited about adventuring with you on this campout. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns!