Little Adventurer Gift Guide

The holiday season is so much fun when you have kids. It brings up all the nostalgia, the food is amazing, and your child’s face taking in everything that the season brings is just heartwarming. However, being Santa can bring a lot of stress, especially if you’re not quite sure what to put under the tree for your little adventurer. All they want to do is play in creeks and throw rocks! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with not giving your kiddo all the flashy toys. We’ve always valued experiences over things in our house and the list we have just helps your little explorer have some more fun on their adventures. 

What do you get your little adventurous, explorer?

Little Adventurer Gift Guide

National Park Passport

Both my husband and I both have our own passports and it’s just a thrill. Each time we go somewhere new, we can’t wait to go to the visitor center, run up to the stamp station, and stamp our passports. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen kids do the exact same thing and the joy of seeing all the different stamps from around the country. 

Mud Kitchen

Being able to get completely dirty is what exploring is all about. However, I know some parents out there are cringing at the fact their kiddo will be rolling around in the mud. Having a designated space for them to create mud pies and explore what dirt feels like can expand your little adventurer’s mind immensely. So let them get dirty and maybe keep the hose nearby! 

Kid’s Backpack

Once your little one starts hiking around or going on adventures with you, they will be so stoked to have their own backpack. This way, while they’re exploring, they can place their new rock friends, or some of their own essentials with them. Yes, you may be carrying it and your kiddo at the end of the adventure, but they will love having their pack just like Mom and Dad.

Water Bottle

Get a “their size” water bottle that matches their personality. I know my toddler already loves having his own “camp cup” that glows in the dark with it’s cute camp scene. Especially while we’re out camping ourselves! As they see you sipping on your water during an adventure, they will want to do the same, too.

Little Adventurer Gift Guide  Little Adventurer Gift Guide 

Beginner’s Compass

It’s never too early to teach the fundamentals of navigation and a low-key compass can definitely help. There’s a ton of kits that come with other fun adventure tools, however, sticking to a standard compass can be just as cool. This is also a great bonding experience to have with your kiddo to teach them how to use the compass at home and on your adventures together.  


Binoculars and Magnifying Glasses

Other fun tools to use while adventuring and to put in their new backpack! All true explorers are constantly looking at nature all around them. Your little adventurer will get a kick out of having their very own binoculars and magnifying glasses to observe what they are adventuring through. The birds, the bugs, it’s all so fascinating for a kid.


Kid Guide Books

What better way to pair those binoculars and magnifying glasses with than some kid friendly guide books? Another thing to store in their new explorer backpack to hike along to help identify what they are seeing in nature. Even if they’re too young to be identifying on their own, they have you to help them! Another great parent and kiddo experience. 


Something to keep them active

Be it a bike, scooter, or trampoline, you’re going to need to get all that energy out that your kid somehow stores throughout the day. There’s nothing like a family ride or hop on the trampoline, too. If they’re too little and need to focus on just placing one foot in front of the other, then maybe a small playground they can run around on.


Packable Hammock

We absolutely love swinging in our hammock while on adventures. ENO, Grand Trunk, Kammock are all great brands that have wonderful packable hammocks that are perfect for camping and even nature lounging. We bring them climbing, to the park, and sometimes paddling. They often come in fun colors and patterns perfect for your little explorers personality and style. 



Another perfect family activity! Our family loves to point up at the stars and show our kiddo the moon, planets, and constellations that we know. Make it a backyard adventure by making hot chocolate, bring out the warm blankets, and head to the yard with their new telescope. Bring some star charts and guides to help you find something new or interesting. 

We hope that gift giving for your little adventurer seems a little more manageable after reading through this guide and you have some new ideas for this season. Our family hopes that yours has an adventurous holiday filled with love. 


See you out there!


Little Adventurer Gift Guide


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