Banana Pancake Dippers

A Toddler’s Perfect Camp Breakfast

Here we are, camping as a family for the first time and planning meals definitely took quite a bit of extra effort than it does when we’re at home. However, once we made these out camping, we now have a new breakfast staple!

If your little adventurer is anything like ours, they HAVE to feed themselves, be as independent as possible, and absolutely love bananas. These little dippers are a wonderful finger food breakfast that is healthy and filling to keep the exploring going throughout the day.


  • Sliced Bananas (in long strips)

  • Pancake Mix

  • Cooking Spray

  • Syrup


  1. Make Pancake Mix according to package

  2. Spray pan with cooking spray and heat pan on your camp stove

  3. Dip sliced bananas into pancake mix and make sure that you coat all sides of banana with mix before placing into pan

  4. Once banana slices are placed on pan, you will see bubbles pop up on the sides of the banana where the pancake mix is. PRO TIP: Don’t flip the banana dipper until no more bubbles form and the ones that did have already popped. About 3-5 minutes on the first side depending on heat.

  5. Flip and cook for another 2-4 minutes, depending on heat. Add a little more cooking spray before cooking more dippers.

  6. Serve with syrup and Enjoy!

*This meal is can also be served with sausage and accompanying fruit, such as strawberries and blueberries.

Though, making these dippers can be a little messy, and cleaning up pancake mix before hitting the trails can take up some time, it really was such a great meal. The bananas are warm and a little mushy, it’s just the right amount of sweet, and definitely fills up the tummy.

We hope that your toddler enjoys them as much as ours did. If there’s something you would do differently, let us know in the comments!

We’ll see you out there!


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